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Language excoriates ambiguity. Processes progress, procedures await the advances that they achieve. Thereby, isolation tolerates their disparity keywords: Procedures record. Processes create. Isolation tolerates their diparity
Tue 04 Feb 2014
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Complex processes aid the actions of multiple teams, express their duties, remember their actions and conclude with decisive statements of advance. keywords: Scheme foils complexity, resolves issues and manages advance from PQQ to PM mobilisation.
Fri 31 Jan 2014
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Solyphony's practice validates our opinion that we can support management in diverse domains. We will engage operational challenges that initiating organisations pose, gratis. keywords: Deploy Solyphony's discipline on multiple fronts. Practise reveals processes and procedures that recur. Pose a challenge. Express it in the style of your business domain; estimate its scope. Negotiate the challenge.
Tue 16 Jul 2013
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Critical Issues Management is a singular foil to failures of partnership. Its mechanisms detect, reveal, evaluate and publish risks that threaten primary business targets. keywords: Partnership, Defensive Contracting, Exercise Partnership, CIM Framework, Principal Contractor,Publish Risk, Address the Board.
Tue 18 Dec 2012
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Identifies the role of links in exerting business activity. Demonstrates the identification of business issues through link properties. Illustrates the evolution of areas of influence that links define within the conformance. keywords: Links, purposes, forces, link characterisation, searching links and articles concurrently
Sun 25 Nov 2012
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Illustrates delivery of an engineering design and its regulation and assurance keywords: Inception to delivery via conformance Actors create business processes ...
Fri 26 Oct 2012
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Solyphony's conformation disposes the conduct of business to primary themes keywords: Conformation, Primary Themes Analysis, Synthesis
Mon 30 Jul 2012
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