Conduct business via Solyphony

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Solyphony rose from the need of a major construction industry contractor to execute partnership forcefully and marshal distributed resources to joint engineering activities. Conclusive negotiations with stakeholders were paramount.

Its embryonic foundation rests on 1990s research of concurrency in designing and PPP experience in the succeeding decade. Advances in web-born facilities, including the distribution of applications and secure data exchanges, were pivotal and are so.

We promote a comprehensive and adaptable operational facility. In your company, Solyphony:

  • designs an operational domain that pursues obligations and sharpens practice
  • builds coherent structures that secure partnership
  • directs distributed resources, profitably
  • invokes concurrency in operations
  • communicates and informs across the entire operational domain

Engaging you and your ambition Solyphony:

  • serves and sustains an agreed conduct of business design and operational environment, via the web
  • secures the evolution of programme and project in a secure data base
  • establishes sub-domains that assure the partnership of distributed teams
  • accommodates diverse applications employed by contributing organisations