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Solyphony asserts...

Solyphony confronts your challenges: expressing your practice, we design and construct an operational environment that enables and promotes your conduct of business.

Our practice stems from proven service given to construction industry programmes that tackled significant engineering tasks. We continue in this sector, valuing the experience and wondering at our client's complaisance.

Enterprises promoting products or services on multiple fronts and SMEs shall better direct distributed resources, profitably. Core teams, working to tight schedules, will control their brand and sustain its reputation when marketing through agents and re-sellers.

Solyphony's conformation orders and promotes the conduct of business: it pursues every programme phase, from inception to delivery; establishing interoperability, it creates partnership and collects distributed resources. Articles capture purposeful actions and broadcast their sustaining arguments.

Our mode of direction imparts coherence to the actions of the several authorities that constitute a contracting consortium: it disciplines the advance towards primary programme objectives; it secures the negotiations of clients, stakeholders, partners, and regulatory bodies.

Solyphony invokes concurrency in operations on a front of business activities. The linearity of procedural devices impedes progress when precise business responses execute regulatory and assurance protocols. Designing swings on this capacity.

...and engages

We serve the agreed business design and operational environment via the internet, together with the functions that it employs and the resources and applications that operations invoke. Its memory is infinite and implacable.

A secure database records the evolution of the programme, the complex actions, purposeful exchanges and communications that advance it and the documents it generates and receives—eschewing e-mail.

Authorities and their delegates access images of the state of the business they conduct via intuitive interfaces that serve their purposes, explicitly.

Distributed teams establish sub-domains that profit and assure their partnership. Sharing states of progress, constantly, they interpret and moderate linear schedules that impede advance.

Solyphony accommodates diverse applications that service providers and contractors employ: its internal schedule accesses and informs e.g. Primavera records; it can negotiate change via a mandated repository, such as DOORS.